About Me

Well hey!

Welcome to my world of crafty and DIY projects. I sneak it all in between life’s craziness of my full time day job and my sweet little boy tribe. Here you will find many different kinds of projects (because I’m convinced I can do em’ all), some family pictures and a bit of weird that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Here is a little about me.

In high school I attended a commercial art program at a vocational school and I concentrated in painting in college, although I also took a lot of drawing and ceramics classes too. Again, I just want to do all the things! After that I ventured into the business world from 9-5 and moved my artistic ventures to nights and weekends. I have two precious boys, Noah (8), Ben (1), and an amazing husband of 9 1/2 years, Tim (old). I enjoy being outside, hugs and using silly rhyming phrases like, “see you soon, macaroon!”

Benjoah comes from a nice smoosh of my boys names, Benjamin Joseph and Noah Joseph. Noah came up with it so I have to give him all the credit. He is so clever.

I always have a few projects going on and I’m excited to share them with you!