Accordion Garland

I fell in love with this garland years ago when I saw it at my son’s elementary school. I was pregnant then with my littlest love and thought it would be perfect in the nursery. To my delight I found out my then seven year old had helped make this beautiful colorful garland and he was able to show me how to make it myself. So friends, grab some kids for this one if you’d like, this is easy and oh so pretty!

Difficulty: Easy

Time:  30-45 Minutes

Supplies: 4 Sheets of Colored Paper, Scissors, School Glue, Ruler

Not necessary but helpful supply: Paper Cutter

1. Cut each sheet in to long strips about an inch wide. If you don’t have a paper cutter, measure one strip and use it as a template to cut the rest.

HINT: Double up the sheets to make cutting go faster!

2. Glue the strips end-to-end. I chose to make one long yellow and one long green and alternated dark and light colors. Glue 5 strips together for each long strip, (total 10 strips used for this step). You will add more later but it can be hard to manipulate them when they are super super long.

3. Take the end of each long strip and glue those together to make a corner.

4. Fold the left side to the right.

HINT: Push the fold edges down well to make the them crispy.

5. Fold the bottom strip up.

6. Keep alternating folding it over itself side-to-side and up and down. If you run out of length, glue more strips on.

HINT – Sometimes you will be folding over a strip seam and that might seem awkward but just treat it like the rest of the strip, it’s just thicker. 

7. When you reach the end of all your strips, glue the pieces together. Your stack will probably be a little wonky like mine and that’s o.k.!

7. Trim off the excess with your scissors to square it off.

8. Stretch it out and admire your craftiness!

I just love it! What’s really fun about this is all of the color combinations you could put together. Please post a photo in the comments of your accordion garland for us all to admire!