Pine Tree Holiday Card Display


I have a real thing for Christmas cards and I love finding fun ways to display them. I wanted to do something new this year that would take up some space vertically to give some height to my decor.  This skinny pine tree is perfect!


          1. Tall board
          2. Acrylic or Craft Paint: White, yellow, blue, red, gold
          3. Super Glue
          4. Mini clothes pins
          5. Paint Brushes, one thicker and one thin
          6. Something to spread your paint out on. A paint palette is perfect but I prefer to use a styrofoam plate or aluminum foil for quicker cleanup.

I painted my board a coat of white and left it opaque in some places to make it a little more interesting than solid. What makes this project so easy is making sure it’s NOT perfect!

Leave some space at the top for your shining star, 4-5 inches, or bigger if you really want a star statement! Mix some yellow and blue to make green and make wispy curve strokes back and forth to make the top tree layer and continue down underneath. I went through the entire tree once with my first mix of green and then mixed darker and lighter versions by using more or less yellow to go through it again. Varying colors gives more depth to the tree.

Tree Holiday Card Display-1

Tree Holiday Card Display-10

Tree Holiday Card Display-12

Tree Holiday Card Display-13

Next you will want to mix a darker green by using much more blue than yellow and lightly load your brush. Blot any excess off on your palette or a paper towel so that you are putting it on pretty dry. You want to do blotting type strokes under each tree section to make a shadow. This will help to create more dimension and bring your tree to life!

Tree Holiday Card Display-14

Put a nice yellow star on top of that tree. I use the kid-tried-and-true method of making a star. I left bits of my star opaque because I plan on going over it with gold later. Again, layering colors makes it pop and makes the imperfect work perfectly!

Star tutorial

Tree Holiday Card Display-16

Now get out your mini clothes pins and arrange them around the board. Apply your super duper sticky glue and try not to glue your fingers together. Woe are the missing fingerprints of the crafter. Between glue guns and super glue my finger pads are a hot mess and I can hardly use the touch feature to login on my iPhone! It’s worth it.

Tree Holiday Card Display-17

If you’ve been eager to polish off that big pretty gold star, give it a go! Get out the thinner brush to give it more precise crispy edges. Make it shine!

Tree Holiday Card Display-18

What’s a holiday tree without snow?  The answer is, likely all of them if you’re in Ohio with me. Ha! Hopefully we will get some snow soon. Lightly load up your brush with white and blot off any excess just as you did with the tree shadows. Try to visualize where the snow collects on a pine tree on the end of the branches and blot it on each tree layer.

Tree Holiday Card Display-8

Wait a bit and when your tree paint is mostly dry (a little tacky is ok), you can get started on the most fun part, decorating the tree! Mix up some fun colors or go with your primaries and add some fun balls or garland. Go nuts buttercup!

img_0352 img_0353

To finish it off I swept some white over all of the clothes pins.

The day I did this project our first holiday card of the year arrived in the mail! How perfect! I can’t wait to fill this puppy up with holiday cheer! 

Vertical Holiday Card Display